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We have recently been using vSphere Replication to move some non-critical virtual machines between datacenters. I know that hardware replication would have been more beneficial, but we had to just ‘make do’ with what we had available to use.

One of these virtual machines was pretty large – around 3.6TB – and I quickly got fed up of not knowing how far through the replication job was, how long it had before it completed or even what the rate of change on this system looked like! This is one of the failings of the vSphere Replication product as things stand today – but there is a work around!

If you SSH onto the ESXi host which hosts the virtual machine and run the following command to output a list of the hosts VMs (With their VMIDs);

~ # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms
Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation
11 IRON [SSPLUN03] IRON/Iron.vmx winNetStandard64Guest vmx-08
12 SSPENTW29 [SSPLUN05] SSPENTW29/sspentw29.vmx windows7Server64Guest vmx-08 Windows 2008 R2 64bit Enterprise Edition
13 SSPENTW28 [SSPLUN03] SSPENTW28/SSPENTW28.vmx winNetStandard64Guest vmx-08
20 Richmond [SSPLUN03] Richmond/Richmond-New.vmx windows7Server64Guest vmx-08
[/shell]Then take the VMID (In our case its 11) and run;

[shell]~ # vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.getState 11
Retrieve VM running replication state:
The VM is configured for replication. Current replication state: Group: GID-fd7df180-ee31-4089-b338-d8d7ca229055 (generation=142939960221189)
Group State: full sync (84% done: checksummed 3.6 TB of 3.6 TB, transferred 1.7 TB of 2.7 TB)
DiskID RDID-a899046b-a3cd-44c7-9c1d-158cb9ee6421 State: inactive
DiskID RDID-337642a4-d51c-4e46-bbd7-17c1e64af3ec State: inactive
DiskID RDID-a2a8c678-8842-4321-9c4b-969dd043d025 State: full sync (checksummed 1 TB of 1 TB, transferred 485.7 GB of 818.0 GB)
DiskID RDID-8233cf88-dea6-45a8-ba10-8a467b7c11b5 State: full sync (checksummed 1 TB of 1 TB, transferred 485.4 GB of 817.9 GB)
DiskID RDID-2cfcfce0-6587-43e9-9dd2-87dca58e5511 State: full sync (checksummed 1 TB of 1 TB, transferred 484.7 GB of 817.9 GB)[/shell]

You can now see the amount of data being replicated, the amount transferred and the amount outstanding!

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